We are your best choice for sport fishing charters off Delray Beach

TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL COVID-19 is OVER // When re-open, call +1 301-535-1234

TEMPORARILY CLOSED until COVID-19 OVER – Sport Fishing Charters near Boynton Beach, Florida

Simply put, Blue Devil Sport Fishing offers the best fishing experience in South Eastern Florida at the best price available. We will pick you up in Boynton Beach, Ocean Ridge, West Palm Beach or your preferred location to enjoy your day!  *As of March 2020, we are closed until the risks of COVID-19 are over. As of September 2020, this is still the case.*
Half, 3/4 and Full day fishing trips available! Snorkeling and spearfishing can be arranged if seas are calm.

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blue devil fishing charters florida, sport fishing charters florida, fishing charters ocean ridge

“Thanks for a memorable full day tour in June. Rick and I will never forget the hours spent with you in the stunning seascape off the east coast of Florida.”

James, West Palm Beach

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Fishing Trip Packages

We carry a maximum of 6 guests, and a captain and crew member will always be present.

Our crew are great with children, and we excel at trips where kids are in the 5-12 year old range. We can’t have children under 5 years old on trips – we want to keep things safe for all. We have flotation jackets for adults and children of all ages (above 5 years old).

Weather and seas permitting, we can offer snorkeling & fishing combo days. Several fish havens have been created in Florida. We can anchor off these havens and you can snorkel around. Please bring your own snorkel gear. Snorkeling can break up the day a bit for those who don’t love fishing.

We also offer Shark Fishing Trips.

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Catch + Release Policy

We believe in sustainable fishing so have a strict catch and release policy for billfish and non-edible fish. Summing it up, if you’re not going to eat it, we will release it! Let’s let the future generations enjoy fishing as much as we do.

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Catch Gallery

See our Catch Gallery

Boats Don’t Catch Fish, People Catch Fish

We offer affordable sport fishing in Florida!

With notice, we can provide lunch (sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages).

Our trips are make great ideas for:

Taking kids fishing
Moms and dads and sons and daughters going fishing
Couples that want to try fishing
Bar Mitzvah gifts
Anniversary gifts
Unique employee performance rewards
Unique ideas for employee days

Blue Devil Fishing offers charter fishing experiences for an affordable price. In Florida there are many exciting types of fish available to catch. Depending on time of year you come, some of the fish that you can catch include Marlin, Mackerel, Bonita, Bass, Shark, Wahoo and Amberjack.

Enjoy Sirius radio on board The Blue Devil!

CLOSED TEMPORARILY UNTIL COVID-19 is OVER // To Book, call Gary +1-301-535-1234

48 hours notice preferred.

Cash only, please.

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