Pricing - Fishing Charters near Delray Beach

Less than you may think!

Unlike many other local charters that must be more cost-conscious for a variety of reasons, the Blue Devil goes where the fish are, no matter how far offshore and how deep.  Our pricing takes into account the added cost of fuel necessary to take these longer runs out to more productive fishing grounds, rather than simply trolling back and forth, close to the Boynton Inlet.  We replace our boat and fishing tackle every year or two so our customers are treated to the highest performance and luxury in an open fisherman style boat.

Blue Devil Sport Fishing offers ½ day, ¾ day and full day fishing trips. Prices for our fishing charters are $695/$895/$1100  respectively + costs + tip for the mate. We will pick you up in Boynton Beach, Ocean Ridge, West Palm Beach or your preferred location.

With notice, we can provide lunch (sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages) for an additional charge.

Cash only, please.

To book, please Contact Us or use the form below.